Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When in Rome...............

Hello From Rome,

I can tell you right off the bat that this is one place I could never live! Traffic oh my! New York has nothing on this city! I don't think there is enough drugs or money for me to drive in this city! Even Dennis feels the same way! On our way from the airport to our hotel it was so amazing that Dennis actually got out the video camera and filmed some of it.

Our driver said that the saying is there are 3 million people in cars and another million on cycles and I think they were all on our route to the hotel. It is hard to explain, they just drive everywhere. They pass you on the left side driving right into oncoming traffic, they pass you on the right, they cut in front of your car, you name it and they do it. They are OUT of CONTROL! They basically do what they want and drive where ever they want. Anyway maybe you get the picture???

Our flight was on time but it took us FOREVER to get our luggage! Then the ride to the hotel so it was after 3:15 before we ever made it to our room. I was going on a banana and a croissant roll from 6:15 this morning so I was starving. We hit a pizza place just up the street. Making sure to watch out for traffic on the sidewalk as we went along. I'm telling you I was almost afraid to cross the street! No joke! My nerves were shot! Anyway the food was great. We caught a buffet before they closed so we got to try several different things.

It is now pouring down rain and we are wiped out. We are going to book a couple of tours for tomorrow for Vatican City and some other places. That will take up most of the day. I have tried to check email but evidently aol is down. I will try again later.

Happy Birthday to Jason today. And I had intended to wish Alta a happy birthday yesterday but forgot so here is your 1 minute of fame! This is the official birthday week in my family.
Love and miss everyone!
Check back later for pictures!


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