Friday, October 31, 2008

On The Down Hill Slide!

TGIF and Happy Halloween!

This will be my 2nd update for the day:-(. We made it to Copenhagen and internet access wasn't free so I just purchased an hour to check email, send some emails and update the blog. I ran out of time and it didn't even give me a warning it just didn't save my entry. That really bites!

Anyway, we landed in Copenhagen around 4:00. We are staying at the airport and our plans were to go downtown and see a bit of the city. We are too tired! We will just purchase some postcards. We fly out at 12:20 and arrive in Newark at 4:15. (Remember the time difference!) Our flight will be 9 hours long. I think I will just take some drugs and hopefully sleep a lot! We have a layover in NJ and leave at 8:00 getting into Knoxville at 10:18!

I am ready to get HOME. 17 days is enough. I am ready to talk on my cell phone and see my boys! I am sure Tristian and Tyler more so Tyler will have a great time tonight Trick or Treating. I hate that we are going to miss it but there will be others I'm sure.

I am going to sign off now to make sure that I don't loose this update too! I will talk to everyone soon!



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