Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Rainy Sunday!

Today is Sunday and it was a rainy gray day as far as the weather was concerned. We did get an extra hour of sleep so now we are only 5 hours ahead of you unless you are on Alabama time and then it is 6! Speaking of ALABAMA all I have to say is ROLL TIDE! We didn't listen to any of the game. I woke up at 12:45 Knoxville time and knew that the game was over and I just decided to go back to sleep as it would be time to get up shortly. When it was time to get up I checked the score 1st thing. What can I say except for I think our season basketball tickets should arrive any day now! Bruce Pearl should be even more excited because I think most of his games should be sellouts now!

Anyway enough of sports talk. Dennis added a better picture of the hotel that we stayed at last night. It was in Kalmar which is a nice town by the Baltic Sea. Our hotel was 300 meters for a great castle with a moat, draw bridge and all! It is called none other than Kalmar Castle. We had to leave before the gift shop opened but we took some pictures out side before we froze to death! It was raining and the wind was blowing in right off the sea.

The above picture was taken in the center court yard it really was a massive place. After we walked around and got wet we drove around to the other side of the "block" so that we could get this picture.

I hate that the light pole had to be in the picture but we just couldn't get around it :-) You can tell from this picture just how grey of a day we had.

We then when to two glass factories. The last one was Kosta and it so reminded me of how the original Boaz Outlets started out. We saw some absolutely beautiful pieces! We shopped for a couple of hours and then we headed off to our destination of Toftaholm Harrgard. Since we where short an hour of daylight and it was raining it was very dark when we arrive. We think it is a great place since we have an ice machine right outside our door! The kitchen was closed but they had a cold plate waiting for us.

It was really good. We have re-organized our luggage getting ready for our plane travel again. Tuesday morning will start EARLY as our plane leaves at 7:30 on our way to ROME. We are getting pretty excited about what should be better /warmer weather. And yes, we have had the top down on my car. Several times in fact! We had to put a large suitcase in the back seat so we had to put the top down just to get in in!

Well, I am going to sign off for tonight. It is only 9:00 p.m. but it feels like it is midnight! We head back to Gothenburg tomorrow (2 hour drive). We will drop my car off and then have them take us to the resort. I think a swedish massage is in my near future! I hope everyone has a great Monday and we will check in tomorrow.



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